Mint Condition Hall China Golden Glo Pattern 22 Karat Gold Tea Set

Mint Condition Hall China Golden Glo Pattern 22 Karat Gold Tea Set
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We are pleased to be offering a mint condition teapot, creamer and lidded sugar bowl in the vintage 'Golden Glo' pattern by Hall China. The teapot measures 9" from the tip of the spout to the end of the handle, and stands 5" in height from its base to the top of the finial on its lid. It holds approximately 4 cups of liquid, and has the underglaze 'HALL' logo and imprint on the bottom along with the number 24. Additionally the teapot is marked 'WARRANTED 22 KARAT GOLD'. The creamer measures 4" from the end of its lip to the end of its handle, stands 2-1/2" in height, and is marked with the Hall logo and the number 321 on the bottom. This set also includes a sugar bowl with lid (many of the teapots and sugar bowls from this set are missing the lids). The sugar bowl measures 5" from the end of one handle to the other, stands 3-1/2" in height, and bears the Hall logo and the number 320 on the bottom. Each of these stunning pieces is marked 'MADE IN U.S.A' and 'WARRANTED 22 KARAT GOLD'.

This set is in excellent vintage condition, lustrous and shiny with no chips, abrasions, nicks or cracks. The white interior is free of stains and looks like new! We haven't seen many vintage sets in as perfect conditon as this one is. While the exact markings on the bottom of Hall teapots have varied over the years, they tend to include a backstamp and a pattern number, and may also provide the number of cups the teapot holds, as well as a color number. The items in our tea set all contain the same backstamp -- a plain circle with the word "Hall" in the middle -- which was the mark used from the 1930's to the 1970's. We believe that this set dates from sometime during the 1940's, which is when the Golden Glo pattern was at the heighth of its popularity.

BRIEF HISTORY: Founded in 1903, the Hall China Company staked its reputation on producing items well-suited for daily use in the kitchen and at the dinner table. In 1903, Robert Hall accepted ownership of a pottery works previously owned by the defunct East Liverpool Potteries from East Liverpool, Ohio. Unfortunately, the fledgling company struggled in a saturated marketplace, and Hall died in 1904, only a year after founding Hall China. Hall's son, Robert Taggert Hall, succeeded him and began working to create a single fire bisque glaze that would stand the 2400 Fahrenheit heat required for bisque firing and which would produce single-fire ware that would be non-porous and craze-proof. Between 1905 and 1911, the company primarily produced bedpans, mugs, and jugs. In 1908, Hall China began producing its first lines of dinnerware, but discontinued this endeavor in 1911. That same year, Robert Taggert Hall finally succeeded in developing a single fire bisque glaze, and was able to dramatically increase pottery production at the plant. During World War I, Hall Pottery became one of the primary suppliers of restaurant wares in the United States, and also produced successful lines of teapots, coffee pots, urn liners and casserole dishes for individual homes. In 1919 and again in 1928, additional pottery production plants were purchased, and new lines of merchandise, including gold rimmed teapots, coffee pots, decorated cooking china and soda fountain jars were added to the Hall China catalog. Finally, in 1936, the Hall China Company returned to the production of dinnerware, which was sold door to door. Today Hall is best known for restaurant china, but the company still creates some pieces for the home market, including a successful line sold by Longaberger baskets. Collectors of vintage Hall Pottery generally favor the brightly colored, durable and well designed coffee and tea pots of the 1930's through the 1950's, particularly those made in non-standard or figural shapes.

Shipping for this mint condition Hall China Golden Glo teapot, lidded sugar and creamer is $45.00 to the 48 contiguous United States. Please contact us for a shipping quote outside of the lower 48 United States @ myantiquarians@gmail.com