Rare Christofle Torsada Opalescent Blue S Link Dinner Plates Set of 6

Rare Christofle Torsada Opalescent Blue S Link Dinner Plates Set of 6
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The Christofle brand is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Christofle started their business in France in the year 1830 making fine, high-end silver products, but then expanded into luxury dinnerware and home accessories. Christofle products are featured at upscale retailers like Neiman Marcus.

We are offering 6 gorgeous Christofle dinner plates in the Torsada pattern, which was made for only 2 years, from 1999 to 2001. This pattern was offered in two main colors: a green band with S-links, or a blue band with S-links. We are offering plates with the gorgeous blue band - we think the colors are reminiscent of a dazzling peacock! As our photos aptly show, the peacock blue S-links alternate with seafoam green and gold outlining, to form an intricate and opulent design. Each plate bears the unique Christofle signature on the front band, as well as a unique design on the foot. The Torsada pattern was discontinued after 2001, and the pieces are quite rare.

Our six dinner plates measure 10-5/8" in diameter, and have a gorgeous, opalescent glaze overlaying the elaborate blue, green and gold designs. Please examine our photos carefully – you will agree that these plates are unique and flawless! Make sure you examine the final photo in our array, which shows the design on the foot of each of the six plates: The plates’ elaborate border designs have been replicated on their base, with the plates’ pattern and description written in lovely gold cursive. It is rare indeed to find a plate that has a base that is equally as lovely as its face!

The plates contain a statement on their base that they are dishwasher safe. We strongly recommend hand washing these unique and gorgeous plates! It would be a shame to risk ruining them with harsh detergents and overly hot water. We also suggest refraining from using a knife on these plates to ensure that the gorgeous opalescent finish remains perfectly unmarred. These Torsada by Christofle Blue S Link Dinner Plates will look stunning on your table and on display!

Shipping for this gorgeous set of 6 Torsada by Christofle dinner plates is $100.00 to the 48 contiguous United States.