RS Prussia Chocolate Pot Mold No 642 Pink Roses and White Hydrangeas

RS Prussia Chocolate Pot Mold No 642 Pink Roses and White Hydrangeas
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Our gorgeous antique porcelain RS Prussia chocolate pot was created from mold No. 642 between 1905 and 1910 when the baroque styling of classic RS Prussia fell out of fashion in favor of the cleaner, more modern Art Deco styles. Standing 9-7/8" in height from its base to the top of its finial, this antique porcelain RS Prussia chocolate pot is a true grande dame. The design and structure of this antique porcelain RS Prussia chocolate pot are truly delightful -- we can't help but compare the arch of the handle and the finial to a cockatoo's head and crest. And the forward tilt of the antique porcelain RS Prussia chocolate pot's upper body is more than a bit Mae West'y, if you catch our drift (please don't tell me that you are too young to know who Mae West was!)

This RS Prussia Antique Porcelain Chocolate Pot Mold No. 642 Pink Roses & White Hydrangeas is in perfect condition, and is appropriately marked with the desirable RS Prussia red and green star & wreath. There are no nicks, no chips, no cracks and no crazing --- not even any staining on the inside! While there is a bit of gold wear to the back side of the handle and to the finial, it is certainly to be expected in an item that is more than 100 years old! We will point one thing out: there are a few pinhead-size indentations on the front of the body to the left of the center crease (below the spout), and a few indentations on the spout rim. We couldn't capture the indentations in the body, but you can see them in the photograph of the spout. We don't believe those represent after-market damage. What actually happened - we think - is that the decorator did not do a light sanding to smooth everything out prior to painting the pot. We were certainly trained to sand before decorating by our ceramics teacher - but then - that might not have been the standard at the turn of the 20th century (contrary to popular belief, we were not present when the cornerstone was laid for the Tillowitz factory!)

Set against white porcelain, our antique porcelain RS Prussia mold 642 chocolate pot has a painted background of magenta and buttercream, with floral transfers of pink roses and white hydrangeas, and the tasteful application of just the right amount of gold tracery. Please examine our photographs - we know you will agree that this item is a thing of beauty! We have photographed the Antique Porcelain RS Prussia Mold 642 Pink Roses And White Hydrangeas Chocolate Pot in two locations: first, under lights against a black background, and second, against the natural light from a window. We felt that the coloration was a tad too intense under the artificial lights, but the detail we obtained was terrific. So we kept the first set of pictures but took another set in natural light so that you can see the true colors of the chocolate pot.

We love this Antique Porcelain RS Prussia Mold 642 Pink Roses And White Hydrangeas Chocolate Pot. In fact we had to live with this beautiful antique chocolate pot for a few years before we could even think of offering it up for sale.

BRIEF BACKGROUND: According to rsprussia.net, Reinhold Schleigelmich used two factories for the production of its porcelain wares. The first - located in Suhl (Germany) - was converted from a disused iron ore refinery to the manufacture of porcelain in 1869. The second - located in Tillowitz (Upper Silesia) - was built new in 1894. The company had planned to move manufacturing from Suhl to Tillowitz due to the high cost of labor, materials, and transportation of raw materials and products in and out of Suhl. This transition was completed by 1917. The Tillowitz factory continued making porcelain through WWII, but ceased operations completely in January, 1945, just prior to the final Russian advance on Berlin. Unlike many other porcelain factories in Prussia, Reinhold primarily made products for export. We have heard from more than one source that items marked "RS Prussia" were intended for export to the United States, while items marked "RS Suhl" were intended for export to other European countries.