Large 11-1/2" Red and White Cased Art Glass Vase With Ruffled Rim Applied Rope Rough Pontil

Large 11-1/2" Red and White Cased Art Glass Vase With Ruffled Rim Applied Rope Rough Pontil
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

We are offering a tour de force in hand blown glass, created by a master of the molten arts. Our large, intricately designed red art glass vase, which was probably created between 1935 and 1959, is cased glass with a bright, valentine-red exterior and a white interior, topped with a crimped and ruffled rim. The base of our vase ends in a sharp red point (see our photos), which has been expertly set in a clear base. If, at this point, you are thinking, “how did they do that?”, please first look closely at the ruffled top and note the rows of stripes visible on the crimped white rim. How did they do that? Not content with the level of artistry already described, our master glass blower then wound a clear crystal rope (while molten, of course) with intermittent pinched knots from the mid-point of the vase all the way down to the base.

Our vintage red cased art glass vase with ruffled rim and applied rope is large, standing approximately 11-1/2" in height. It is mounted on a 2-7/8" diameter base, which sports a deep and jagged pontil where it was broken from the glass blower’s pipe (see our photographs). There are no marks and no labels to identify this lovely vase. It might be Murano glass from the 1950's or even earlier from the Art Deco period – the pointed base and cased glass were both popular features during the earlier period. We doubt that it is a Fenton creation, but can’t even say that with any degree of certainty. All we know is that the glass blower who created this piece was a master!

Our price reflects the fact that we cannot cite a maker and date of origin with any degree of certainty. This vase is in perfect condition, with some small bubbles characteristic of blown glass, but with no scratches, chips, cracks or dings, which is a bit amazing, given the age and overall delicacy of the piece.

Shipping for this expertly packed, masterfully hand blown, vintage cased red and white art glass vase is $35.00 to the 48 contiguous United States.