Antique Pirkenhammer of Bavaria Cobalt and Gold Dinner Plates Set of 8

Antique Pirkenhammer of Bavaria Cobalt and Gold Dinner Plates Set of 8
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We have an exquisite set of eight (8) antique Pirkenhammer cobalt and gold dinner plates. Produced in Bavaria, Austria, these lovely plates measure 9-3/4" in diameter, and feature a wide, cobalt border with gold baroque transfer designs on the outer edge and smaller gilt transfer designs on the verge. The cobalt and gilt border, contrasted with the pure white center porcelain, makes for a very striking effect. The backstamp is the expected Pope's miter with two crossed hammers in green underglaze, and there is no country of origin stamped on the back of the plate. We believe that these plates date from the 19th century, before it was a requirement to provide country of origin, and before the Fisher and Mieg Pirkenhammer backstamp was developed in the early 20th century.

The eight dinner plates are in perfect, antique condition with no obvious untensil marks or wear to the gilded designs. One of the plates has a small sand fragment caught in the white center during the firing process, but it is not very noticeable unless you happen to be obsessed with antique porcelain like we are!

BRIEF HISTORY: Pirkenhammer of Bavaria (now Austria) was founded in 1803 and initially manufactured rather mediocre tableware and tobacco pipes. By 1811 the business was sold to new owners, who improved the manufacturing processes and product lines and began producing high quality coffee and dining sets. By 1831, Pirkenhammer porcelain was considered the finest in Bohemia, and was greatly valued for its superior translucency, which rivalled the great manufacturers of Limoges. Throughout the latter half of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century, Pirkenhammer made exquisite porcelain sets and objects for many of the royal houses of Europe, as well as for Pope Benedict XV. There is an interesting 'urban legend' that Pirkenhammer produced the fine china service for the Titanic. We don't know if this tale is true, but it does seem to surface every time we find a dealer with antique Pirkenhammer porcelain.

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