Vintage 1980s Blue Fenton Art Glass Crystal Rope Handle Basket Artist Junior Thompson

Vintage 1980s Blue Fenton Art Glass Crystal Rope Handle Basket Artist Junior Thompson
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

The Antiquarians are offering the lovely, palest-blue vintage Fenton art glass basket with a crystal, twisted rope handle. As our photographs show, this piece of exquisite vintage Fenton art glass rises from a hexagonal base through a pleated body to a tulip-edged rim --actually, the rim looks more like a shark's tooth than a tulip due to the four prominent points sitting atop the tulip edges, but the result is lovely! The pleated body and shark tooth rim give this vintage art glass basket a very 'edgy' look; even with the twisted rope handle, the overall effect of this basket is tailored and elegant, rather than frilly. Please note that the white dots in the photograph are just pinpoints of light and are not actually on the surface of the glass, which is clear and unmarred. There is one rough point on one of the pleated edges at the base, but upon close inspection we could find no chip or abrasion. It simply appears to be an edge that was created during the manufacturing process. This vintage Fenton art glass basket comes from an estate that had a massive art glass collection, and it still has the manufacturer's card attached to the handle. Standing approximately 8-3/8" high, with a 4-3/4" by 4" base, this basket features the Fenton 'F' on the base, with an '8' to indicate that it was made during the 1980's, and the individual artisan's mark -- in this case, Junior Thompson - on the handle. Remember, Fenton is no longer in business. This lovely vintage Fenton pale blue art glass basket, although currently only about 30 years old, is a treasure now and forever!