Opulent Art Nouveau Gold and Platinum Stouffer Studios Cider Pitcher

Opulent Art Nouveau Gold and Platinum Stouffer Studios Cider Pitcher
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We have a magnificent, large Art Nouveau design antique porcelain cider pitcher in excellent condition and we would bet -- unlike anything that you have seen to date! This elegant and unusual Stouffer Studios cider pitcher would make a significant addition to an Art Nouveau, cider pitcher, or Chicago Art Studios porcelain collection. Produced by the Stouffer Studios in approximately 1910, this striking antique cider pitcher holds 56 ounces of fluid (1- quarts) and sits on a hexagonal base that is 6-9/16 in diameter at its widest point. It measures 7-1/2" in height to the tallest point of the pitcher's beautiful handle, and 7" in height to the tallest point of its spout. Rendered in Roman Gold, this creation is a layer cake of stunning gold treatments: both the band at the base of the cider pitcher and the handle are smooth and flawless. On the main body of the Stouffer Studios pitcher, two acid-etched bands, each measuring 1-3/8 in width, sandwich a beautifully incised 1-1/4 wide Art Nouveau band of stylized hyacinths and leaves. And if this wealth of gold were not enough, the beautiful Art Nouveau band is bordered top and bottom by 1/8 wide bright platinum and gold bands that make the entire antique porcelain cider pitcher sparkle like a gemstone. Look at our photographs carefully this Stouffer Studios cider pitcher is uncommon and gorgeous!

Both the Tressemann and Vogt (Limoges, France) stamp on the base and the Stouffer Studios design mark (see our photograph) tell us that the white ware was produced, and the piece was decorated between 1907 1910. This lovely piece is over 100 years old, but looks as if it were just made yesterday. There is no signature on this antique porcelain confection, but that is not unusual for a piece rendered entirely in gold and platinum. As our photographs demonstrate, this Stouffer Studios cider pitcher is in near-perfect condition, with a tiny glaze pop near the arch of the handle and some near-imperceptible wear to the gold at the very top edge of the handle. This entire porcelain cider pitcher is spotlessly clean and shows few, if any, signs of wear. Please examine our photographs carefully, as they provide as detailed a description of condition as this text does. The icing on the cake is that this antique Stouffer Studios porcelain cider pitcher is as practical as it is lovely: we have all purchased pitchers that were lovely to look at, but dribbled all over the table when we attempted to actually use the item. This Stouffer Studios pitcher will not disappoint it provides a steady and accurate pour without spilling a drop on your lap or your tabletop!

BRIEF HISTORY: Jacob H. Stouffer (1866 - 1912) opened J.H. Stouffer Co., China and Glass Wholesalers in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in 1902, and opened his first china decorating studio in 1905. Like the renowned Pickard Studio and other porcelain artisan establishments in Chicago at the time, Stouffer took blanks from various manufacturers and applied hand decoration (our pitcher was decorated from a Tresseman and Vogt, Limoges, France blank), although Stouffer eventually became known for the lavish application of gold and other precious metallic paints throughout the entire surface of its products. From 1905 1925 Stouffer Studios produced very high quality porcelain art work, and employed many of the best porcelain artists in the business. The Stouffer Studios were regarded as a premier porcelain decorating studio during the great era of the other great Chicago decorating studios, holding its own against the likes of Pickard and Donath. After Stouffer died in 1912, his wife Marietta succeeded him as president of the company and ran it quite successfully. The company continued in business throughout the Great Depression and World War II, finally ceasing all operations in 1952.