Nippon Amphora Wisteria Vase Gilded Matte Polychrome Finish with Maple Leaf Mark

Nippon Amphora Wisteria Vase Gilded Matte Polychrome Finish with Maple Leaf Mark
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DESCRIPTION:: We are offering an absolutely exquisite Nippon Porcelain Wisteria Vase, dating from 1891 to the very early 20th century. This beautiful and unusual antique amphora-shaped vase measures 9-1/2” in height, and features a gracefully tapered form, flared foot and rim, and two molded shoulder handles. This hand painted, polychrome vase features a matte wisteria floral, leaf and branch design against an olive ground with exquisite gilt decoration, including gilt enamel beading and fine gilt spattering. The base displays the green printed Nippon maple leaf mark used from 1891 to 1921, but we think that this vase was created towards the earlier end of the spectrum, sometime in the 1890’s towards the end of the Gilded Age. This style is definitely neither Art Nouveau nor Art Deco. Despite its age, this exquisite antique piece is in excellent condition except for a few, very small, scattered surface scuffs. We acquired this exceptional piece when it was decommissioned from the collection of an arts foundation. Please examine our photos on this website and you will agree that this is a collectible piece of exceptional quality.

BRIEF HISTORY:: The term "Nippon" came into being when the import/export provisions of the McKinley Tariff Act were passed into law. This law stopped the import of any products that were not "plainly marked...in legible English words." From that point on, anything that came into the United States from another country had to be marked with its country of origin in understandable, written English. Nippon basically means "made in Japan." The "Nippon" mark adequately complied with the McKinley Tariff Act of 1891 for the next thirty years, until 1921, when Customs officials decreed that any piece imported from Japan should be marked "Japan" and not marked "Nippon." This change is crucial for porcelain collectors, because any piece marked “Japan” was made and imported after 1921.

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