Large Art Nouveau Female Bust Eduard Stellmacher Turn Teplitz Amphora Circa 1899

Large Art Nouveau Female Bust Eduard Stellmacher Turn Teplitz Amphora Circa 1899
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We have a stunning Turn-Teplitz Amphora Art Nouveau female bust by German artist Eduard Stellmacher (1868 - 1929). Stellmacher was one of the partners in Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessler (R St K) Amphora Works, established in the Turn-Teplitz region of Bohemia in 1892. This bust stands 15-1/4” in height to the top of the bonnet, is 10” wide at the shoulders, and 4-3/4” wide at the base. The base has the red “Turn Teplitz Bohemia R St K Made in Austria” factory mark used from 1899 – 1905, as well as the number 3 – painted - and impressed numbers 5 and 1188 (see photo), with the name ‘Ed Stellmacher’ imprinted just above the base (see photo).

Eduard Stellmacher was one of the finest ceramic artists and sculptors from Turn-Teplitz at the turn of the century (see: Collectics Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Art & Crafts Online Museum), and his larger busts are in very high demand. Please examine our photos and observe the magnificent detail on the bonnet, face and clothing: typical of Stellmacher’s work, this bust demonstrates a level of fine detail very seldom seen in porcelain manufacturing. The glazes used on the bust are exceptional, with soft, velvety pastels coloring the subject’s clothing, and discreet gilding on the waistcoat and bonnet. There may be a few minute losses on the exceptionally crafted bonnet, although with all the sculpted detail it is difficult to tell whether the sharp edges are part of the original work or a microscopic loss. Overall, this antique bust is in exceptional condition, given its age, with no cracks or hairline fractures, and no gold loss.

BRIEF HISTORY: Traditionally, the term, ‘Amphora’ refers to an ancient, Greek storage vessel with an oval body, usually tapering toward the base, and with two handles extending from just below the lip to the shoulder. However, in the late 19th century to the early 20th century, may ceramics manufacturers in central Europe (the areas that are now part of Austria and Czechoslovakia) produced a very fine art pottery that they referred to as ‘Amphora’. Eduard Stellmacher, one of the partners in R.St.K. was the son of Alfred Stellmacher, who founded the House of Amphora, in Turn, Austria. It was from this art pottery concern that the term ‘Amphora’ came into wider circulation.

Although there were 30 or more ceramics manufacturers in the Teplitz region of Bohemia during the Art Nouveau period, many antique dealers and art historians limit the term ‘Amphora’ to the art pottery produced by Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessler. R.St.K is credited as the first - and possibly the best - of the Amphora manufacturers. Amphora Art Nouveau products were produced by means of extraordinarily complex manufacturing techniques which often required up to 10 firings, as well as a team of artists and finishers to provide final style flourishes like patina and ornate gilding. R.St.K’s stylistic diversity and adherence to quality made it a world leader among industrial manufacturers of art pottery.

Amphora pottery was sold in the United States by luxury retailers, including Louis Comfort Tiffany of New York, whose clients appreciated the innovative, hand-crafted designs, vibrant colors, and unique glazes used by the Amphora manufacturers.

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