A. Klingenberg & Dwenger Limoges Hand Painted Ewer With Stopper

A. Klingenberg & Dwenger Limoges Hand Painted Ewer With Stopper
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A. Klingenberg was an accomplished Limoges artisan painter when he opened his own porcelain factory and decorating studio in the Limoges region of France in the early 1880's. There does not seem to be a surfeit of information about Klingenberg or his company other than that he merged with Charles Dwenger's studio sometime in the late 1890's or very early 1900's. Klingenberg & Dwenger together manufactured porcelain products, produced decorated finished porcelain pieces, and exported them world-wide until 1910 when the company closed its doors. While there may be a paucity of detail about A. Klingenberg and his company, there are numerous astonishingly lovely works of art that this short-lived company left behind.

We are in possession of one of these fine works of art. Dear viewers, you are looking at a handpainted, gold embellished ewer with stopper produced by Klingenberg & Dwenger. This antique French porcelain A. Klingenberg & Dwenger ewer is an example of porcelain artistry at its finest. The delicately formed roses and greenery have been completed with a delicate, yet unerring touch. This is no flat and floral landscape! There is depth and mystery in this antique French porcelain masterpiece, from the fall and folds of greenery behind the rose-laden branches, to the tracery of gold on the neck of the ewer, to the almost impressionistic-style painting on the narrow handle, this A. Klingenberg & Dwenger ewer does not disappoint. On its base is the green 'A K France' mark which was used by Klingenberg & Dwenger from 1900 to 1910. The circumference of this beautiful antique French porcelain ewer is 14" at the widest point of its body, and 8-7/8" tall from the base to the top of the stopper. Please look closely at our photographs and linger on the details -- this is a rare opportunity to have and hold a thing of pure beauty.