Green Optic Rib Elegant Glass Pitcher And Eight Matching Glasses Mint Condition

Green Optic Rib Elegant Glass Pitcher And Eight Matching Glasses Mint Condition
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Many collectors are familiar with “depression glass”, which was an inexpensively produced, thick, colored, patterned glass given away by retailers during the depression years. Less well-known, but highly sought after by knowledgeable collectors, is elegant glass, or “good glass,” which was often hand-pressed, hand-molded, or hand blown, and of a significantly higher quality than depression glass.

As the name indicates, elegant glass was a high-quality glass, expensively priced for the era, and sold in high-end stores. Thin and with fewer visible seams than depression glass, elegant glass lacked the heft, the air bubbles and the wrinkles often found in depression glass. Elegant glass could be clear, or crystal, but much of it was colored and extremely translucent. Top producers of elegant glass during the depression years included the Cambridge Class Company, A.H. Heisey & Company, Fostoria Glass Company, and the Imperial Glass Corporation.

Please examine our photographs to confirm the quality and perfect condition of this unique set. We cannot provide the manufacturer’s name, which is not unusual for fine glass of this period, for there is no signature on the base and the pontils have all been polished. However, the glass – in particular the pitcher - has a lovely high gloss, which probably means that it was ‘fire-polished’ after its shape was completed. It is amazing that this elegant glass green optic rib pitcher and glass set has survived intact, for it was likely produced sometime between 1920 and 1930, making the set somewhere between 90 to 100 years old!

Shipping for this mint condition, elegant glass, green optic rib pitcher with 8 matching glasses is $50.00 to the 48 contiguous United States. Please contact us for a shipping quote outside the lower 48 United States @ myantiquarians@gmail.com