Gerold & Co Putti Butting Heads With Goat Figurine Tettau Bavaria

Gerold & Co Putti Butting Heads With Goat Figurine Tettau Bavaria
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We are offering a whimsical porcelain tableau of a cherub, or 'putto' butting heads with a goat, something only an impish boy would do! Standing 5-1/2" in height on a base that measures 5-1/4" by 2-1/2", this charming figurine was produced by Gerold & Co., Tettau, Bavaria, a lesser-known but quality manufacturer of fine Bavarian porcelain. Based on the mark on this figurine, we know that the figurine was manufactured between 1937 and 1948. The details on this figurine are quite finely executed - you can make out the faint impression of nails on the cherub's fingers and toes, as well as finer details on the goat. The expression on the cherub’s face is priceless, as is the goat’s – they both reveal themselves to be true imps! Later Gerold & Co. products were highly evocative of manufacturers like Royal Copenhagen, but this lovely gem is channeling old Meissen. View our photographs, please! The majority of Gerold and Co. porcelain currently on the market is of a more modern vintage – this older porcelain figurine is a true delight.

This figurine is in very good older vintage condition. Aside from a tiny fleabite - at most 1/16th of an inch - on the base of the figurine at the rear, this confection is in mint condition with no breaks, cracks or repairs. The cherub's 10 fingers, expressively splayed out at the moment of impact, are miraculously pristine and intact, as are the legs, tail and ears of the goat. This lovely figurine must have been treasured by its prior owner!

BRIEF HISTORY: Gerold porzellan has a relatively short history compared to those of other German or French manufacturers. However, it produced a large quantity of products in a relatively short time, and employed some highly skilled artisans whose works rivalled those at Nymphenburg and Meissen. Known as The Gerold & Company, Tettau, Bavaria, from 1937 to 1960, the name was then changed to Porcelain Factory Gerold & Company. In 1993, the business came under new ownership and, sadly, the new owners destroyed many of the old Tettau molds. The operation has since ceased to be a viable business, but the facility in Tettau is now a museum and is open for tours.

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