GDA Limoges Vibrant Floral Hand-Painted Antique Chocolate Pot Artist Signed

GDA Limoges Vibrant Floral Hand-Painted Antique Chocolate Pot Artist Signed
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We are pleased to offer this exceptionally lovely antique French porcelain chocolate pot, which was produced by the Limoges firm of Gerard, Dufraisseix et Abbott (GDA) some time between 1898 and 1930 (we provide this ending date because the use of porcelain chocolate pots began to decline after World War I, and were almost completely out of use by 1930). This antique chocolate pot was produced as white ware by GDA (see our photo of the back stamp), and was most likely shipped to the United States, where it was decorated by a very talented amateur "china painter". Please see our photos for the artist's signature - "Jessie" - on the outside rim of the lid. This beautiful antique porcelain chocolate pot is decorated in an unusual array of colors: we typically find American amateur china painted chocolate pots of this period decorated in cobalt, white and gold. They also favored painting their wares with a white background embellished with either a pink or light blue floral pattern. Not so with Jessie. Her porcelain chocolate pot features a lovely gradient of colors ranging from very light buttercream, to ombre' and to rust, all offset by the varied greens of the leafy foliage.

Please examine our photographs -- we think you will agree that this antique porcelain chocolate pot is stunning! Standing 11-1/2" in height from its base to the top of its finial, this lovely porcelain chocolate pot rests on a base that is 3-3/4" in diameter. Despite its age -- it is most likely at least 100 years old! -- our antique chocolate pot is in perfect condition, with no dings, chips, discolorations or cracks. Please examine our photographs carefully, as they are an excellent indicator of condition. Please note that due to the flared and scalloped lower body of this chocolate pot, it catches and reflects light back. There are actually no white areas on the body of this pot; what you are seeing is simply reflection from our light sources. There is one thin area - just under the gold handle of the lid - where the glaze was missed (see our photographs). This glaze skip was a charming oversight by the very skilled amateur "china painter" Jessie, who most likely passed from this earth some years ago, but left behind proof of her estimable talent in this lovely porcelain chocolate pot.

BRIEF HISTORY: The story of GDA Limoges begins with Charles Field Haviland, who assumed partial ownership of the Casseaux Works in Limoges in 1857. During this period, most French potteries only produced white ware (undecorated pieces). Haviland changed the business model. He combined the production of porcelain white ware with a decorating studio populated by skilled artists who produced designs exclusively to suit American tastes and sensibilities. In 1868, Charles Field Haviland assumed total control of Casseaux Works, and produced decorated pieces under his own back stamp until 1882, when he sold the factory. The business was taken over by the firm of Gerard, Dufaisseix et Morel, which continued using Haviland's back stamp for a period of time. The firm finally began using the "GDM" back stamp in 1895 and continued to use the mark until 1898. By 1898, Morel had left the business, and the firm began operating under the name Gerard, Dufraisseix et Abbott, using the back stamp "GDA". The new partner Abbott was the firm's New York importer and distributor. The firm was incorporated as "Porcelaine GDA" in 1901, and continued the use of Charles Field Haviland's back stamp on its studio-decorated pieces until 1941.

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