Very Large 8" Fenton French Opalescent Coin Dot Ruffled Vase

Very Large 8" Fenton French Opalescent Coin Dot Ruffled Vase
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

Fenton's Coin Dot pattern is highly popular due to its unique optical effect: when you look through the clear dots, you can see six dots on the far side of the piece, making a daisy pattern inside each dot (see our photo, below). If our photos don’t look like the pattern you were expecting, you might be thinking of Fenton's Dot Optic pattern, where the dots are opalescent while the rest of the glass is clear. Our stunning Fenton coin dot ruffled vase is larger than what one typically finds on the market. Measuring 8" tall from the base to the top of the rim, and 8-3/8" wide from rim edge to rim edge, this stunning vase has a French (white) opalescent finish, double crimped rim, polished pontil, and was likely produced between 1948 and 1951. The lovely but restrained opalescent finish is a perfect counterpoint to the dramatic size and flamboyant design of the vase.

Our large Fenton Coin Dot vase is in excellent condition, with no damage whatsoever except for a very light scratch on the base that is ONLY visible upon very close inspection. The scratch does not show up in our photographs. Please examine our photographs closely. Whether or not you collect Fenton art glass, we think you will want this beauty in your home!

BRIEF HISTORY:Fenton introduced the Coin Dot design in 1947, mimicking an old Victorian polka dot pattern. Coin Dot pieces were initially produced in blue opalescent, cranberry, and French opalescent. The process for manufacturing Coin Dot was time-consuming: The mold, called a spot mold, formed the circular pattern in the glass. After the glass had been fired once, it was allowed to cool slightly and was then reheated. Those parts of the glass that were not within the circles turned cloudy from reheating. Over the next few years Fenton introduced some new colors, such as Honeysuckle and Lime, but most of these color lines were relatively short-lived. In the early eighties, Fenton revived the Coin Dot pattern and introduced new shapes and colors, including Country Cranberry (very popular), Country Peach, Forget-Me-Not Blue, Ruby and Glacier Blue. The French opalescent color, one of the earliest colors produced by Fenton, is – in our opinion – the most elegant version of this pattern.

Shipping for this large gorgeous Fenton art glass vase is $30.00 to the 48 contiguous United States.