Depression Glass Manhattan Pattern Uranium Decanter With Eight Matching Wine Glasses

Depression Glass Manhattan Pattern Uranium Decanter With Eight Matching Wine Glasses
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

We are offering a beautiful Uranium Glass set in near-mint condition consisting of a lovely green aerating decanter and eight small, green wine glasses. We refer to the decanter as an ‘aerating’ decanter because there is no stopper or cap, and suspect that there never was one because the rim and neck of the decanter have none of the typical signs of wear – such as scratches or small chips - that would be caused by the continuous movement of a top or stopper to close or open the decanter. This decanter would have been produced without a stopper to promote the aeration of wine before pouring. Such vessels are still in use today in fine restaurants and among wine aficionados.

Uranium glass was first made in the 1880’s and actually does contain uranium in oxide diuranate form, which was added to the glass mix prior to the melting process to enhance coloration. The proportion of uranium in a glass mix varied widely over time, and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Uranium Glass tableware and household items were extremely popular during the nineteenth century, and enjoyed renewed popularity during the 1920’s until 1939. However, production levels fell sharply with WWII, and continued in this vein when the use of uranium was sharply curtailed during the Cold War.

Our vntage decanter set should not be confused with Vaseline Glass, which also has uranium in it, but is colored a light yellowish green. As our photos demonstrate, our Uranium Glass set is a beautiful rich green, and fluoresces like a beacon under ultraviolet light. This decanter set bears no manufacturer’s mark, but we believe that this rare, pristine set is likely in the Manhattan pattern produced by Anchor Hocking during the 1920’s until about 1935. If Anchor Hocking was not the manufacturer, then one of the other prominent depression-era glass manufacturers replicated the Manhattan design to cash in on the popularity of the horizontal ribbed pattern.

Please examine our photos carefully to see the excellent condition, unique style and strong coloration of this remarkable set! We have not seen such a complete and undamaged Uranium Glass decanter set for many years.

Shipping for this beautiful, near-mint condition, Uranium Glass decanter set in the Manhattan pattern with 8 matching glasses is $50.00 to the 48 contiguous United States. Please contact us for a shipping quote outside of the lower 48 United States @ myantiquarians@gmail.com.