Syracuse China O.P.Co. Cobalt and Gold Dinner and Salad Plates 8 Each

Syracuse China O.P.Co. Cobalt and Gold Dinner and Salad Plates 8 Each
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Syracuse China is well known for its serviceable, attractive china produced for the hotel, restaurant and railroad service sectors. In fact, there are groups of aid collectors who collect only the patterns designated for railroad or restaurant use. However, Syracuse also produced exceptionally fine china for those wealthier and discerning individuals who wanted and could afford to purchase high quality dinnerware. We are offering just such a set for sale.

We have a stunning cobalt and gold set of eight (8) dinner and eight (8) side plates produced by Syracuse China. The 'Old Ivory' backstamp on the plate (see photograph), featuring a furled ribbon with gracefully folded ends, was used from 1927 to 1960. But we are fairly confident that these plates were most likely produced between 1935 and 1943. The sleek cobalt banding and the gold acid-etched design aren't consistent with fine dinnerware trends before 1935, when gold tracery patterns and center medallions were predominantly in use. Nor is the deep cobalt color, the gold acid-etching, or the elegant plate design consistent with china trends after 1950. We may not be able to pinpoint the precise year that these gorgeous plates were manufactured, but we know you will agree that they are truly beautiful!

The dinner plates are 10-1/4 in diameter, with a 1-3/4 wide decorated outer band that consists of alternating gold and cobalt strips of varying widths, and a striking, gold acid-etched hexagonal link design in the center. The bread plates measure 6-3/4 in diameter, with a 1-1/2 decorated outer band that mirrors the elegant dinner plate. Please see our photographs, as they provide a detailed view of this lovely, timeless border design. The creamy ivory centers of the plates are free of any design, resulting in a set of sublimely elegant plates that are completely functional. Since there is no medallion or central design on these plates, there is no need to be overly concerned about damage from utensil scratches. These plates have no chips, cracks or abrasions; the gilding is strong and most, if not all of the plates show absolutely no signs of use.

BRIEF HISTORY: Syracuse China has a long and interesting history in fine china production: Founded in 1871 as Onondaga Pottery Company (O.P. Co.) in Geddes, New York. Onondaga Pottery initially produced earthenware, but then began producing fine china in the late 1800s. O.P.Co very successfully marketed a sturdy china product to hotels, restaurants, and railroad dining cars, but it also produced fine, luxury china for sale to individuals.

James Pass, the founder's son, spent his entire career with O.P.Co., eventually making this company a national leader in ceramic research. In 1888, Syracuse developed America's first truly vitreous china body, and in 1891 introduced a line of fancy accessory pieces called 'Imperial Geddo'. This new line won the medal for translucent china at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Two years later, in 1895, O.P.Co. began imprinting "Syracuse China" as the backstamp for this award-winning china.

Syracuse China continued to be a leader in ceramics research: During World War II, the company developed and manufactured non-detectable ceramic anti-tank land mines, eventually receiving the distinguished Army-Navy 'E' award for excellence in service to the war effort. Regrettably, the manufacturing facility in Syracuse closed in 2009 after 138 years in operation, and production was removed from the United States.

Shipping for this elegant cobalt and gold set of 8 dinner plates and 8 side plates is $150.00 to the 48 contiguous United States. Please contact us for a shipping quote outside of the lower 48 United States @ myantiquarians@gmail.com