Antique RC Nippon Chocolate Pot Juniper Berry Design Gold Beading Enamel

Antique RC Nippon Chocolate Pot Juniper Berry Design Gold Beading Enamel
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

We are featuring another amazing find! This Nippon-era chocolate pot is over 100 years old and looks as if it were made yesterday. It features a graceful, ribbed body that curves from its spout to a wide base. The form is reminiscent of RS Prussia styles in vogue during that period, but a bit more restrained. The pure white body of this chocolate pot is offset by an opulently hand painted gilt juniper berry and leaf design on the lid and two wide bands around the spout and base. The artistry with which the design was executed elevates this utilitarian piece to a work of art. The intricate, hand drawn design is given depth and dimension with the application of gold enamel and beading.

This piece has the red and green RC Nippon backstamp which the Noritake Company identifies as one that was used by a predecessor company on items exported to the United States (information provided by the 'Noritake Chronology of Backmarks' provided by the Noritake Co. Japan, Ltd.). The RC mark (stands for Royal Crockery) was first used in blue in 1906, but the red and green mark was not put into use until 1911. Please examine our photos to confirm the beautifully executed artwork and the pristine condition of this lovely piece. With an eagle’s eye, you will find only one, tiny errant gold mark where the artist's brush slipped, and one tiny mineral glaze pop. There is only one distinct sign of use on this 100+ year old chocolate pot: a small, faded spot on the handle where the thumb would rest while pouring. Please review our pictures for detail. Standing 9-1/2” tall, with a 1-7/8”spout opening and a 5-1/2” diameter base, this lovely chocolate pot would hold pride of place displayed in a collection. Alternatively, as our photos demonstrate, it would pair well with other white and gold enamel work pieces from the Nippon-era.

BRIEF HISTORY: The Company that would ultimately be known as Noritake China began in 1876 when brothers Ichizaemon and Toyo Morimura founded Morimura Gumi with the intent of establishing overseas trading. By 1878, the brothers had established a business in New York selling Japanese antiques, pottery and other goods. The company was renamed Morimura Brothers in 1881, and by the 1890s had shifted its focus from retail operations to wholesale, and had also begun work on design improvements for their pottery and porcelain wares, which provided a significant portion of the company's income. The company ultimately began manufacturing European-style hard white porcelain in Japan. Company designs and production were predominantly focused on the European and American markets, in which their wares were extremely popular. The Japanese parent company did not change its name to "Noritake", which is the name of the place where its first pottery factory was built, until 1981. For a comprehensive overview of pre-Nippon and Nippon-era porcelain and pottery marks, go to Noritake Collectors Guild Backmarks Library

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