Cauldon Potteries England Pattern L2824 Antique Gold Rim Dinner Plates - Set of 12

Cauldon Potteries England Pattern L2824 Antique Gold Rim Dinner Plates - Set of 12
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We are so excited that we are able to offer this lovely, old set of 12 antique, gold rimmed, Cauldon Potteries, England pattern L2824 dinner plates. These white and etched gold plates bear the old Cauldon backstamps and reach back to an era when pride of craftsmanship was paramount.

These dinner plates measure aproximately 10-1/4" in diameter, with gilding on the outside edge of each plate. The exterior gold edge sandwiches a 1/16" margin of white with a lovely acid-etched 1/4" gold band (see photographs) with a pattern of alternating flowers and leaves. The exterior edge and thicker gold band are in excellent shape with little or no gold loss. In some lighting, the white line between the two gold borders appears to be the palest, most delicate sky blue - a very interesting visual phenomenon! The remainder of the plate is white except for a thin band of gold at the verge.

Old Cauldon patterns are notoriously difficult to date, but we have the benefit of the retailer’s mark to help establish a likely age for this lovely set of dishes. These plates were sold by Higgins and Seiter, which was one of the best and oldest china houses in New York City. Located at 9 East 37th Street, the eminent retailer filed for bankruptcy in 1915 and ceased operations that same year after being in business for over 50 years. Therefore, we know that these plates were manufactured prior to 1915, making them over one hundred years old!

Cauldon’s roots go back to the ‘Cauldon’ works founded by Job Ridgway in 1802. There subsequently followed a lengthy series of partnerships and buy-outs during which time the Cauldon works produced a consistently fine product. Founder Job Ridgeway’s son John Ridgway was appointed potter to Her Majesty Queen Victoria and achieved numerous awards and commendations for quality. In 1962, the Bristol firm Pountney & Co. Ltd took over the Cauldon name and operations. The operations under Pountney & Co. were not successful, and the firm closed its doors in 1977.

Overall, these 12 Cauldon Potteries, England pattern L2824 dinner plates are in wonderful condition, given their age, with no cracks, chips or nicks. There are some variations in the condition of the gilded circle on the verge. Six of these antique dinner plates are in very good to excellent condition, with little or no gold loss. Four of these gold rimmed plates are in good condition, with the gilding at the verge showing occasional, small breaks – undoubtedly due to stacking – but overall there is no significant gold loss. Two of the Cauldon plates show wear at the verge line, although the gilded ring is still completely visible. Some old plates that one finds are so worn that you can't even telll that there used to be a ring at the verge! Not this set! The interior of these dinner plates have no deep scratches or other marks. When held under a light and closely inspected, light utensil marks are visible. However, when you view these lovely Cauldon Potteries plates in their element, on a beautifully set table, they look pristine!

This very beautiful and incredibly heavy set of 12 antique Cauldon Potteries pattern L2824 dinner plates will ship in two separate boxes for $150.00 to the 48 contiguous United States. Please contact us for a shipping quote outside the lower 48 United States @ myantiquarians@gmail.com